Svenja Klemp is a photographer with over a decade of experience in professional photography and retouching.

She had always had a knack for photography that was supported in her childhood by her parents putting point and shoot cameras into her hand whenever she went travelling or spent her summers at home. This was further helped by a caring art teacher in secondary school that dusted off a seemingly forgotten dark room which became her refuge where she'd be holed up for hours and hours without noticing how many of these hours actually went by.

After starting university studying in a completely different field she still felt that urge to want to take photos and wanting to make more of it. So she quit university and decided to pursue a career in professional photography, and get an education as thorough and diverse as possible. Such a rich opportunity got presented in the form of three year apprenticeship with 747 Studios Hamburg and the LBS Media School in Kiel, and she did not hesitate to accept it.

Setting up her own freelance business during her senior year of this apprenticeship set her on a path that she is still on today - a freelance photographer and retoucher with roots in advertising, music and e-commerce (and semi-secret additional skill sets in the music industry). 
She has since expanded her home base from Hamburg to Sheffield, UK, and she has travelled extensively across Europe and the US in pursuit of just the right moments to capture both on film and digitally.

Her client list includes amongst other the following
DeBijenkorf | Footlocker | Calvin Klein | Tommy Hilfiger | Intersport | Tom Tailor | Nivea | Philips | Converse | no label Amsterdam | Ottakringer | IKEA Germany | Tchibo | LIDL | Sony Music | Live Nation | Axehouse Music |Delikatess Tonträger | Flinte & Korn | DFNS | Jupiter Jones | Saalschutz | Dürerstuben | Opus Showtechnik | Eye Of The Storm Events | ferryhouse productions | Fuze Magazine
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